What is an example of math investigatory project?


"What is the formula in finding the surface area of a regular hexagonal prism with side s units and height h units?". by rcdaliva. CHAPTER I. INRODUCTION. According to Doris Kearns Goodwin, the past is not simply the past, but a prism which the
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Math Investigatory Projects
Federal legislation like No Child Left Behind places more accountability on schools to meet academic standards, especially in mathematics and reading. Schools not meeting required standards may face reorganization, reassignment of staff or even closure.... More »
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An investigatory project should include: (1) Abstract (2) Research Paper and (3) Visual Display. The abstract for the project should specify the purpose of the experiment, procedures
mathematics have alot of investigatory methods it depend in which class u r and how ur mind think and which branch your question it belong. if its simple algebra then try to make
1. Select a topic to research. A list of topics may be supplied by the instructor to select from. Students may also select topics which interests them. Be sure to check with the instructor
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An investigatory project is also known as an experimental project and is one which is used to show how something might behave if certain conditions are added to ...
The parts of an investigatory projects include the hypothesis. The abstract also make up the investigatory project. Visual displays should also be included in ...
An investigatory project is usually an activity undertaken in school in to study a particular topic. Most investigatory projects involve the use of the scientific ...
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