What does Abiotic Mean?


Abiotic means to not be, or have ever been, living, or part of a living organism. It is used to refer to things like sunlight, temperature, or wind.
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[ey-bahy-ot-ik, ab-ee-]
of or characterized by the absence of life or living organisms.
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biotic is when something is alive or has been alive in some point of time (ex. tree, human, animal) abiotic is a non living component (ex. rock, water, dirt)
Biotic:1:of or relating to living
It means something that is non-living. Example rock, water, wind. I've been learning about it in class all last week and has a test about it last Friday. Good Luck! Source(s) http
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Abiotic means non-living. It is used describe non-living factors that affect living organisms. Abiotic factors could be environmental such as habitat or climatic ...
Abiotic is a biological term that means nonliving or not alive. It is normally used when referring to the nonliving organisms in nature. These organisms are: temperature ...
Abiotic synthesis and its meaning can be defined by breaking down the words. Abiotic would be referring to a nonliving substance. Synthesis is like combining or ...
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