What Is the Meaning of Concomitant Illness?


Concomitant illness is the name given to the second illness that attacks when a person is already suffering from another primary sickness. For example, someone could have the flu and be experiencing all the uncomfortable and painful effects of that
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[kon-kom-i-tuhnt, kuhn-]
existing or occurring with something else, often in a lesser way; accompanying; concurrent: an event and its concomitant circumstances.
a concomitant quality, circumstance, or thing.
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What is concomitant
Concomitant : 1. existing or occurring with something else, often in a lesser way;
concomitant: following or accompanying as a consequence; an event or situation that happens at the same time as or in connection with another
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Concomitant is something that exists or occurs concurrently with another. The term may also be defined as accompanying especially in a subordinate or even an incidental ...
The word concomitant means existing or occurring with something else in a subordinate way. For example, an improvement in facilities led to a concomitant increase ...
The word concomitancy refers to a state where something exists in association with another. This means that one of the things needs the other one to be available ...
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