Meaning of Individual and Dual Sports?


An individual sport is one in which only requires the participation of one member to compete in. While a dual sport requires the participation of a team or more than one person in order to play the game. An example of dual sports are that of tennis, volleyball, football, etc. While golf is an example of a sport that doesn't necessarily require a team to play but only one person trying to obtain the lowest score in the game to win above everyone else.
Q&A Related to "Meaning of Individual and Dual Sports?"
Individual means you compete with the clock or indirectly with others like golf or swimming. Dual means you go again another person directly, like tennis or table tennis.
Individual Sports: Cross Country, Swimming, Track & Field, Golf, Tennis, Bowling. Dual (I'm assuming you mean a team of two) Tennis, Beach Volleyball.
theres no individual achievement in sports you need individual achievement to make teamwork and teamwork in individual achievement example- nba assist individual passes to a another
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