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Linear means lying on a straight line passing through origin. Linear equation are satisfied when x=y=0. They always lie on straight line.
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of, consisting of, or using lines: linear design.
pertaining to or represented by lines: linear dimensions.
extended or arranged in a line: a linear series.
involving measurement in one dimension only; pertaining to length: linear measure.
of or pertaining to the characteristics of a work of art in which forms and rhythms are defined chiefly in terms of line.
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The word linear is derived from the Latin word linearis, which means created by lines. It is used in mathematics to describe a linear map or function. ...
The word linear means state of involving or designating an equation whose conditions are of the first degree. It may also refer to the quality of a device or circuit ...
Linear refers to those functions that possess the properties of a straight line in mathematics. This term is widely used in a branch of mathematics known as linear ...
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