Meaning of Miscible?


Miscible refers to a situation where two things can mix and end up forming a homogeneous mixture. Water and glucose are miscible while oil and water are not.
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capable of being mixed: miscible ingredients.
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Miscible means capable of being mixed: miscible ingredients. This is sometimes used in
miscible: (chemistry, physics) capable of being mixed
if something can be mixed with another thing. for example, sugar and water are miscible. oil and water and not miscible. In the chemistry perspective: silver nitrate is miscible with
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One example of miscible is that glycerol is miscible with sorbitol. An example of immiscible is how oil is immiscible with oils. Miscible means that it will form ...
The word miscible means that the item is capable of being mixed. So, the question of whether bromoform is miscible with water is best answered yes. Bromoform is ...
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