What does Names Mean?


The names of people is what names mean.The The symbol of yourself.What is your name the teacher ask you.The naming of something or someone.
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Your name can mean so many things. Every language has different meanings for names. The best thing to find out is who you are named after or if you are the first person in your family
The origins of last names can be very interesting and can be researched on the web or books. Some last names have more to do with your nationality or country of origin. Some can even
Abigail, which is derived from the Hebrew name "Avagayii", means "my father is joy". It became popular as in its English form after the Protestant Reformation.
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The name An is of Chinese origin and the meaning of this name is 'peaceful'. This name is also of Vietnamese origin where it means 'heaven' or 'sky'. The name ...
To figure out the meaning behind your name, you can visit a number of different websites. Log on to meaning-of-names.com or behindthename.com. ...
The meaning behind the name of an individual varies with where it originated from and from the culture of the individual. Some websites such as Behindthename can ...
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