Who in history was a megalomaniac?


o that is easy! lets see, hitler, stalin, moa, Kim il-sung to name a few dictators. now lets move on to the occult: david karesh, jim jones and charles manson. all these ppl were men who thought they were/are all powerful and should answer to no one.
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These are some : Adolf Hitler , Napoleon , Benito Mussolini, Alexander The Great, Josef Stalin, Mao Ze Dong, Idi Amin, Fidel Castro, Pablo Escobar, Juan Peron, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
It can both a motivation and consequence of power: two prime examples of these scenarios: This guy from Macedonia achieved a lot but started overdoing in the end in terms of self-image
Some of the better known ones include: 1. Napoleon the Great. 2. Alexander the Great (you can see a sort of megalomania in the names in fact. 3. Josef Stalin. 4. Mao Zedong. 5. Adolf
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