How to troubleshoot dashboard warning lights?


1. Brake Light. Make sure you are not driving with hand brake on. Check brake-fluid level. Top off brake fluid if low and make appointment to check brakes. Driving with brake light can be dangerous; deal with this soon. Call tow truck or drive
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Ther is NOT reset, but REALIZE that you must use EUREOPEN Light bulbs and NOT domestic ones. The EURO bulbs have a CHROME base and the DOMESTIC ones are a BRASS base. This upsets
How a dashboard warning light looks depends on the vehicle. Some say check engine soon. Others may have a light resembling an engine while others just use the alternator light. If
See your owner's manual. All dash warning lights are described there.
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Many cars have standard warning light symbols. However, the Lexus has some specific dashboard warning lights. An image of typical warning lights, as well as lights ...
There are numerous warning lights on car dashboards. The Pontiac brand of car is no exception. To troubleshoot what a warning light means, your best bet is to ...
A dashboard warning light guide can be found in the owner’s manual of a vehicle. Common warning lights found ...
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