What are Mid Ocean Ridges?


A mid ocean ridge is an underwater mountain range. There are several throughout the earth.They are just like above water mountain ranges and are formed by the movement of the tectonic plates. For more information see here:
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mid-o·cean ridge
any of several seismically active submarine mountain ranges that extend through the Atlantic, Indian, and South Pacific oceans: each is hypothesized to be the locus of seafloor spreading.
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Mid Ocean Ridge is defined as a series of mountain ranges on the ocean
New oceanic crust.
( ′mid′ō·shē¦an·ik ′rij ) (geology) A continuous, median, seismic mountain range on the floor of the ocean, extending through the
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If you are wondering what happens at mid ocean ridges, seafloor spreading takes place producing basalt. Basalt is the rock that makes up the oceanic crust. Mid-ocean ...
The mid-ocean ridges are formed by two processes: ridge-push and slab-pull. The ridges pushed away the tectonic plates which existed around them towards a zone ...
A mid range ridge refers to a continuous underground chain of volcanoes found on the ocean floor. The floor of the ocean has a place where the lava erupts forming ...
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