How to Convert Molecular Weight to Density.?


1. Multiply both sides of the ideal gas equation PV = (m/M) x RT by the value M/RTV to obtain the following expression for the density: Density = m/V= PM / RT. 2. Round the molar gas constant R to the fourth digit to obtain 8.3145 J/mole x K; this
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the ratio between the mass of one mole of a substance and its volume is the molecular density.
The density of iron (Fe) is 7.6 g/cm^3 (grams per cubic centimeter). Thanks
V = 0.140 L T = 90 + 273 = 363 K p = 105000 / 101325=1.04 atm n = pV / RT = 1.04 x 0.140 / 0.0821 x 363 = 0.00489 Molecular weight = 0.8965 g/ 0.00489 =183.3 g/mol d = = molar mass
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Fecl3 is the molecular formula for Iron(III) chloride. The density of this chemical compound is 2.898 g/cm3. The melting point is 306 C and the boiling point ...
1. Learn the different types of molecular models. If confronted with a ball-and-stick or electron density model, you may want to re-write it as a standard line ...
The density of different gases can vary over a wide range because the molecules are free to move. The greater the molecular weight of the gas, the higher the density ...
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