How to Download Music to An iPod Nano?


Make sure the iPod is connected and the music files are located in the iTunes library. Then press Sync on the iPod window or drag and drop the music files to the iPod folder.
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When buying an iPod with video capabilities and first connecting it to your computer, you will soon find out that Apple offers a download service strictly for the iPod. The software
How do you download music to an iPod? Downloading music to an iPod is elementary if you use iTunes. After downloading and installing iTunes on Windows or Mac OS X, simply start up
You have to download itunes ( When you've installed itunes open it and click File > Add Files to Library. Once you've done that you can plug in your
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To download music into an iPod you need to first download it into iTunes. Once it gets downloaded to iTunes you can then download it to your iPod by connecting ...
To download music to your ipod nano you must first plug your ipod into your computer using the cable that came with your ipod. You also need to have an iTunes ...
To download music into your ipod, install itunes on your computer, let it search for and add the music from yur computer to it's program, connect your ipod to ...
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