My Computer Screen Is Upside down How Do I Fix It?


Use a key combination of CTRL+ALT+UPARROW (Hold down the CTRL key, the ALT key and the UP or DOWN arrow at the same time).
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1. Press the "Windows Logo" key, type "change screen orientation" and press "Enter. 2. Press "Tab" three times until you see a dotted line surrounding
If you have a 10 key number pad then press shift 4 . If that doesn't work then keep pressing shift on all even numbers , you eventually figure it out.
1. Press. Ctrl+Alt+Down. at the same time. If monitor rotation is enabled on your PC, pressing. Ctrl. Alt. and any of the arrow keys should automatically flip your screen. Push the
Your display driver probably has a setting for this. Find its icon in the notifications area (next to the clock) and right-click on it; look for "Rotate Display" or similar
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