My Dog Ate a Slug What Do I Do?


Slugs and snails are a nuisance in any yard or garden, but they are particularly concerning to any dog that might consume them. If a dog eats a slug or snail, it can cause a great health risk to the dog because these creatures may act as an transitional host for lungworms and heartworms. Watch for signs in your dog such as extreme coughing and possibly coughing up blood. Nosebleeds might occur, as well. Your dog can be treated with worm medication, though, if caught in time. If your dog has more serious symptoms, it might require a blood transfusion ore other medication. Talk to your veterinary profession for the best advice.
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If your dog digests chocolate then inducing his vomit can get the poison back out of his body. To induce vomiting, buy some 3 percent standard hydrogen peroxide. Mix a solution that
If you eat uncooked or inadequately cooked slugs or snails it is possible to
See a doctor.
Not good at all. You need to get you dog to the vet asap. Lungworm is caught by eating slugs and if the slugs died through being poisoned then your little dog could get very sick.
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