How did the Nazi's execute prisoners traitors specifically generals for example hanging or firing squad In other words which was the most common execution method for German traitors?


Firing squad. For example, Colonel (Count) Claus von Stauffenberg, the man who nearly assassinated Hitler, was executed by firing squad outside of the Bendlerblock in Berlin on 21 July 1944. Others were sent to death camps. _ For civilians the most
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The Nazi's were cruel. They did such things to pretty much show other prisoners who was in charge, Dont * with us, so to speak. To break them. For them to lose hope. To show them
French and Germans are not vastly different peoples. Many of them are Franks, after all. Many are really just Frisians or Alsations, for example. Politics does not matter to many
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The Nazi regime had areas within concentration camps designated for female prisoners. They even had some camps that were entirely designated for women. The largest ...
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