What country abbreviation is NB?


no bo.
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NB in Football stands for Nickel Back. This is normally a 5th man in the
They are Latin: NB Nota bene (Note well) PS Post scriptum (After the writing) PPS Post post scriptum (After the PS)
N.B.: Nota Bene. Latin imp
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NB is an abbreviation that means nota bene; an Italian and Latin phrase meaning 'note well'. In modern English, it is used, predominantly in legal papers to draw ...
Referring to insurance the abbreviation 'NB' stands for Non Bound Application. Non Bound means there's no coverage and you don't pay anything. NP stands for ...
The abbreviation 'N.B.' comes from the Latin phrase 'Nota Bene'. The English equivalent of the complete phrase is most commonly rendered as follows: [May you] ...
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