Nervous Indigestion?


Nervous indigestion can be caused by many outside stimuli such as coffee, tea, caffeine, drugs, liquor, tobacco, but most of all nervousness that is almost uncontrollable. The items mentioned can raise anxiety levels within the body and cause nervousness that churns up indigestion. Overeating and consuming sweets, starches, and acids can aid in the indigestion. Also, constantly using stimulants such as these will cause a state of chronic stomach turmoil, filling it with acid and resulting in gastric and / or peptic ulcers.
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n. Indigestion caused by stress or by an emotion such as anxiety.
I think you have a lot of anxiety. Try Zantac. If it works, it's a lot cheaper to get it through a doctor. The same thing used to happen to me , and someone told me to buy Selenium.
nĕr'vŭs in'di-jes'chŭn Gastrointestinal problems caused by emotional upset or stress.
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Nervous indigestion is a type of gastrointestinal distress triggered by prolonged exposure to stress and fatigue. While over consumption of food might be involved ...
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