Non Reactive Metals?


Non reactive metals refers to those metals that do not readily react with water oxygen. Non reactive metals also do not react with various acids. Examples of non reactive metals include gold and platinum.
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Aluminium is non reactive as it forms a coating of Al. 2. O. 3.
On a periodic table the most reactive metal is Francium, metals are located to the left of the staircase and as you move further left and down, the element more easily loses electrons
Flourine is the most reactive non-metal.
Francium was first discovered in 1939 by chemist Marguerite Perey in Paris. Scientists can produce the element artificially, but the amount found on Earth is incredibly small - less
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The most reactive non-metal is fluorine. Fluorine has an atomic number of 9. It was first discovered by Andre-Marie Ampere and first isolated by Henri Moissan. ...
Potassium is an abundant metal that is not available freely in nature. It is electropositive, highly reactive, and catches fire when coming in contact with water ...
Phosphorous is a highly reactive poisonous, non-metallic element that occurs naturally in phosphates, especially apatite and exists in three allotropic forms; ...
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