How many us dollars equal 1500 pounds?


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892.781 UK Pounds (GBP) is equal to 1500 US Dollars (USD)
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1. Go to currency exchange websites online, such as Xe or Oanda, to check the exchange rate for converting U.S. dollars to British pounds (see Resources) Enter the amount of money
At the market close, the pound is at 1.6187. 1500 pounds is equal t...
Today 1 dollar equals 1.59214 British Pounds and 1.38659 Euro. Ask anything!
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To convert British pounds, or pounds sterling, to the United States dollar, you multiply the number of pounds by 1.49. Pounds Sterling is abbreviated as GBP and ...
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The number of pound equal to another currency varies from time to time. For example, as of 12th August 2011, 1 British pound was equal to 1.62778 US dollars. The ...
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