Nutrition Month in the Philippines?


Nutrition month in the Philippines falls every July. The theme for the Nutrition Month differs each year. The National Nutrition Council's Technical Committee decides on the theme for a particular year. Themes are in Filipino and aims to encourage and promote a specific part of nutrition from consuming more vegetables to encouraging mothers to breastfeed.
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1. Define good nutrition. Discuss with your students what a healthy meal should include. Use books to help you (ask your school librarian) or go on the Internet to visit some sites
ang tamang kalusugan ay sigla ng bayan.
Malnutrition is global problem especially Africa. for Somalia malnutrition is a major impact and causes of death duet weakened immunity and decease's. so that to overcome on these
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Each year, there is a different theme for Nutrition Month in the Philippines. For 2011-2012 season it was eating vegetables. The theme for 2013 has yet to be announced ...
March is the National Nutrition Month. It is a nutrition education and information campaign sponsored annually by the Academy of Nutrition and Diabetics. It is ...
There are hundreds of different kinds of slogans of the nutrition month. For example, 'eat healthy stay healthy' is one of the slogans that is commonly used. Basically ...
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