An OctreoScan is used to classify the seriousness of a tumor in a cancer patient. It does not show the exact size of the tumor. It is used more to locate the tumor.
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Indium In-111 decays by electron capture to cadmium-111 (stable) and has a physical half-life of 2.805 days (67.32 hours) (see Table 2).1 The principal photons that are useful for
Imaging A radiopharmaceutical that binds to specific receptors of small tumors, for early detection and treatment of cancer. See Scanning.
OctreoScan Applies to: intravenous kit The following adverse effects were observed in clinical trials at a frequency of less than 1% of 538 patients: dizziness, fever, flush, headache
Before administration, a patient should be well hydrated. After administration, the patient must be encouraged to drink fluids liberally. Elimination of extra fluid intake will help
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