How to Use a Garden Tiller.?


1. Fill the tank with fresh oil before using the tiller. Be careful not to overfill or under fill it, as either can lead to malfunctions and safety hazards. 2. Consult your tiller's manual to determine if you need to mix the gasoline with oil. Adjust
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A tiller is a device used to break up topsoil. It's a wheel with spikes on it. You can get little ones you push to motorized jobs that need drive wheels.
The Mantis Tiller is the incredible lightweight tiller that has made
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The Ariens Tiller 902801 was manufactured in 1976. Its age as of the year 2012 is 36 years. It is mainly used in fields for cutting grass. ...
1. Fill your gas tank with fresh fuel every 14 days. An old fuel mixture can separate and clog the carburetor and the fuel lines. The manufacturer recommends a ...
1. Disconnect the spark plug wire to replace the spark plug. Then remove the plug with a spark plug socket and a ratcheting wrench. Replace the old plug with a ...
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