How do you translate English to romaji?


Well, Romaji is the Japanese language converted into a Romanized alphabet. Therefore we still need to translate from English into Japanese using an online translator (although they're not reliable for more than one word translations) or copying
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Chikushou is the Japanese word for "damn" ^ ^ ^ ^ (If this site (where the arrow is pointing) doesn't work click the other one. or. (Click this site if the
1. Go to a website that offers free English to Spanish translations. Examples of available websites include, and
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English sentences translated in the Romaji result in romanized Japanese. These are Japanese words that use the standard English alphabet. Romanji does not use ...
Romaji is the Roman form of Japanese. Essentially, Romaji is the easiest way to read Japanese if one spoke English, Spanish, French, or other European languages ...
Well first the. Roumaji. (羅馬字) (Romanized Writing)commonly written romaji) of a Japanese word has to be spelled correctly, like using the ...
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