How to Get a Child to Quit Using a Pacifier.?


1. Explain the pacifier fairy to your child. Tell your child that you will gather all of her pacifiers for the pacifier fairy. The pacifier fairy then gives the pacifiers to babies who need them. In return for your child's pacifiers, the pacifier
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if old enough, tell him that the pacifier fairy needs to stock up on that particular type of paci. then have them put it under the pillow and make sure that you put a small reward
Most babies these days have a sort of addiction. Whatever you call it - pacifier, paci, soother, binky - it can create some very real problems. A child
As kids grow, their need to suck their thumbs or pacifier usually goes away by the time they are three to four years old. Children are more able to control their behavior at this
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Pacifiers are used by people to stop thumb-sucking. Pacifiers, in my opinion, are a very helpful resource for parents who are wanting their children to quit sucking ...
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