What Are the Causes of Right Flank Pain in a Woman?


Many conditions can trigger right flank pain in women; most are benign but some can be serious, according to Dr. Khriti Bhatia, chief resident at the emergency residency program, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and Dr. David Brown, associate chief of
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Right flank - doesn't tell us exactly where it is - If it is in your buttocks - it is probably Sciatica -a pinched nerve that runs from your spine. across your buttocks and down your
Depending on the age of the person and type of pain involved (sharp, burning, dull, aching, etc. the usual causes are either muscular, disk related, or arthritis related, or a combination
According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, right-sided flank pain may be caused by direct trauma, problems with the abdominal organs and other medical conditions. Structures
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If you are experiencing pain on one side of your body, typically in your lower back, this is called flank pain. Flank pain usually comes hand in hand with issues ...
Flank pain is a distressing sensation experienced around the lower back and the upper abdomen. It is usually a sign of kidney problems, and is accompanied by frequent ...
Flank pain refers to pain, either constant or intermittent, in one side of the body between the abdomen and the back. Women are usually more affected than men ...
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