What are the parts of the gumamela flower?


Stigma, style, ovary, ovule, receptacle, pollentube, filament, anther, sepal and petal are the parts of the gumamela flower.
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Parts of a Gumamela Flower
When you think of a flower you generally think of it as a whole item, or perhaps in its most general parts---petals, leaves and stems. However, the gumamela flower, or hibiscus, is made up of many parts. Grown as an evergreen plant in frost-free... More »
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Knowing the parts of a flower is something you should learn during school. The flower is actually a very complex thing and has nine main parts.
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The root system is how flowering plants get nutrients and water from soil. While the roots anchor the flowering plant and keep it solidly implanted in the ground, they also take water
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Gumamela flowers are more commonly known in the US as hibiscus. The long stamen extends from the center of the flower. The pistil is completely covered by the ...
The gumamela flower is a hibiscus. The flowers are called Island Flowers in the Philippines. There is not much of a scent to the colorful flowers but it is a gentle ...
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