PH of Orange Juice?


In a list of liquids, it shows that the pH of orange juice is 3, same with soda.  To get the pH of a liquid, you can use a pH test paper.  After dipping it in the liquid, compare its color to the color key included in the box or set.
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The pH of orange juice varies from 3.30-4.19. It is the citric acid in orange juice that causes the pH to be so high. Because of this orange juice can cause erosion on your teeth.
The pH of orange juice is 3, meaning it's very acidic. The concentration of Hydrogen ions is 10.3. m/L.
The pH value of orange juice is 3 - 4. The pH value of grapefruit juice is 3 –
Understanding pH may help you preserve foods safely at home. The pH of your foodstuff determines whether you should use a water-bath canner or a pressurized canner. When canning foods
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The PH of orange juice is roughly 3.5. The PH range will vary depending on the temperature of it's environment. ...
The pH of orange juice is about 3.5. Orange juice is on the acidic side and is mainly produced in the states of Florida and California. ...
The typical pH of orange juice is said to be 3.5. However, it may vary depending on how acidic the juice is. The acidity in the juice is normally as a result of ...
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