Which words contain the letters "ph" that don't make an "f" sound?


When the letters 'ph' are together in the beginning or in the end of a word or sometimes in the middle, they sound like the letter 'f' when pronouncing it outloud. This is true for words like 'Physical' or 'Elephant' or many other words that you can find examples of online. There is an exception to this rule if the word is something like 'Loophole' then it keeps their individual sounds instead of sounding like a 'f' because it's a compound word.
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Some English words that contain 'ph' pronounced as 'f': aphid cephalopod dolphin graph nephew phantom pharmacy phobia phone phonetic telephone zephyr Some English words that contain
The answer is that originally, this sound was not the same as /f/. It is called
Because they re transcribed from the Greek letter Φ, which was originally pronounced "p-h" (as in "hiP-Hop"
Some words start with 'f'' and others 'ph'; it's just how they're spelled. In ebonics/slang sometimes words starting with 'f' are replaced with 'ph' for fun!
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