What causes unemployment in the Philippines?


In a statement, Monterona added the latest SWS survey on unemployment is a "slap on the face of Pres.Benigno Aquino III and his labor honchos who stated that it will stop sending Filipino workers abroad. "The reality is, the government will continue
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The labor force in The Philippines is made up of 40.36 million (2012 est) people
Unemployment Rate: 7% (2012 est)
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Unemployment has remained high in the Philippines, at almost twice the level of neighboring countries, despite relatively fast employment growth in the past decade. Employment growth
there is a certain segment of all populations that are unemployable. The philippines contracts out all over the world, sending both skilled and unskilled labor who work very hard
Take a read on this article. You might just find what you ask for. Philippines Jobless Rate Falls In January (RTTNews) - Unemployment rate in the Philippines stood at 7.8%, the January
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There are plenty of solutions of unemployment in the Philippines. One good example is to provide livelihood program to different community sectors wherein they ...
Some of the causes of unemployment in the Philippines include a lack of educated workers and a suppressed economy. Other causes include a large working population ...
The unemployment percentage in the Philippines hovers around 7%, meaning that around 93% of the working age (15 years old and older) population in the Philippines ...
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