What is phthisis?


Phthisis is a progressively wasting or consumptive condition; especially : pulmonary tuberculosis. C...
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[thahy-sis, tahy-]
a wasting away.
pulmonary tuberculosis; consumption.
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phthisis: involving the lungs with progressive wasting of the body
Phthisis bulbi is an eye condition that occurs when an eye has undergone trauma or become damaged and lost all sight; it atrophies and calcifies, becoming nothing more than a lump
phthisis bulbi, a condition in which the fluid level in the eye reaches a dangerously low level, such that the integrity of the eye is compromised.
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Phthisis refers to an ancient Greek medical term which describes any disease of which the main symptom is atrophy or wasting of some kind. The wasting usually ...
Phthisis bulbi is a shrunken, non-functional eye that results from severe eye disease, inflammation, injury or a complication of eye surgery. This is also known ...
Antiphthisic refers to the act of relieving or curing phthisis. It can also be used in reference to medicine that is intended to check phthisis. Phthisis refers ...
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