Physical Verbs?


Physical verbs are also known as action verbs and show either a physical or mental action. An example of a physical or action verb would be catches, as in he catches the ball. Catches is showing a physical action. An example of mental action would the verb imagines, as in he imagines great things for the new plant. Imagines is a mental verb because it refers to something happening in the brain. Donna is wearing nice clothes today; the physical verb in this sentence would be is wearing.
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A physical verb is a verb that is used to describe the action of a sentance. "I want you to go" Imagine saying this as a question, a joke, flirting, mocking or angry and
Action verbs show an action, either physical or mental. The action
physical action verb would be something you'd do PHYSICALLY. like: run, jump, stretch, etc. mental action verb would be something you'd do MENTALLY. like: think, imagine, envision
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A Gerund is a verb that is in its present participle form. All gerunds are activities, whether mental or physical, which work as nouns in a sentence. Examples ...
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