Why do Cows have 4 Stomachs?


Cows don't have four stomachs, instead they have a single stomach that is divided into four compartments. These compartments have different functions in the digestion of roughage.
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The stomach of a cow is located in the upper-abdominal area, behind the heart and lungs and at the lower-half of the ribcage. It's situated in the same location as our own stomach
One, but it has four chambers. From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cat... Cattle have one stomach with four compartments. They are the rumen, reticulum, omasum, and abomasum, with the
They have a few stomachs, called the Omasum, Reticulum, and the Abomasum. ChaCha
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The third stomach that is in a cow or bovine is meant to only absorb minerals that the cow or bovine has ingested. Cows actually have a total of four stomachs, ...
A cow has four stomach chambers, the first is the rumen which is the largest part and holds up to 50 gallons of partially digested food. The next chamber is the ...
the lining of a cows' stomach is called tripe. Menudo is a soup made from this. ...
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