Where on the food chain is the animal?


it is on the second consumer, where the animal is found.
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Bacteria is the lowest organism on the food chain. Thanks for using
The Food Chain All living things depend on each other to live. The food chain shows how some animals eat other animals to survive. While being food for animals higher in the food
At the top of a food chain is the Human, the top animal, . Humans are the most cunning and intelligent species in the world, this and the fact that's we have no naturals predators
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You can learn about the meerkat's food chain on the internet. There are sites that provide pictures of meerkats. You can also find details about this animals food ...
In order to live, animals need a food source. A food chain is a series of animals that depend on the animal below them for food to stay alive. The bottom of ...
An African animal food chain is drastically different than the food chain that would be found in the united states. This is because the animals in Africa can only ...
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