What is a Line Segment?


A line segment is the area between any two given point on a line. Line segments can be long or short and can intersect other line segments.
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A pair of perpendicular line segments is not shown. among the pictures you've submitted.
1. Set the width of a compass so that it is about 3/4 of the length of the segment that you want to bisect. 2. Place the compass point on one of the endpoints, and draw two arcs on
1 Understand the midpoint. The midpoint of a line segment is the point that is located on the exact midpoint of the two endpoints. Therefore, it's the average of the two endpoints
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In math, a segment is a section or part of a line. The segment is defined by it's end points, there are two end points. A line segment is notated by the the two ...
Segments are the parts that something can be divided into separate parts. There are different segments on a line that would be divided up and noted by letters ...
The term line segment is used in geometry. A segment is part of anything, in this case a line. It has two end points and constitutes all of the points between ...
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