Where can I find a picture of a motherboard with each part labeled?


Perhaps the related link below will be of benefit .
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Images of motherboard
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Yes it will do just as you have said. get yourself the correct enclosure IDE or SATA and connect it up to another PC you can then transfer to your hearts content. one word though
Try posting this quesiton on www.castlecops.com. It a forum for everything relating to computers. Although it does have a wierd name! Source(s) I've used the castlecops forum many
To keropi Sorry man, I missed your post it seems? No, you do not need to remove it. You need to keep it there if its been done, leave it. It was suggested to me, to remove it, but
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Pictures of a labeled motherboard can be found online. You could also learn the parts of a motherboard and attach your own labels. The motherboard contains many ...
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