What is Urinary System?


The urinary system in males and females is different. But it usually includes the bladder, the urethra, the kidney, ureters, and the sphincter muscles.
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The urinary system consists of the kidneys and bladder. The system is also known as the excretory system. According to the article "Your Urinary System and How It Works, the
The urinary system consists of two kidneys, each having a ureter connecting it to the bladder. The bladder is then connected to the urethra (longer in men and shorter in women) and
n. The bodily system consisting of the organs that produce, collect, and eliminate urine and including the kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, and urethra.
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The urinary system is one of the bodies complex system that is involved in the cleaning out of the blood to remove wastes. The urinary system is comprised of the ...
The urinary system are the organs, nerves, muscles and tubes that work or co-exist together in order to carry, create and store urine. The urinary system is made ...
The urinary system contains the kidneys, bladder, two ureters (one from each kidney to the bladder) and the urethra, where urine is expelled. The kidneys filtrate ...
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