What is a Complex Machine?


To be a complex machine, it must have more than one or a combo of inclined planes, wedges, pulleys, screws and wheels or axis. Examples of complex machines include a bicycle, a watch or a water sprinkler.
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Machine - is a device that helps us do work (work is a force that acts on an object to make the object move. To get work, you multiply force by distance) A simple machine - is a tool
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If we agree that 'complexity' involves one or more of the following parameters: the number of individual components comprising the machine the highly specialized materials out of
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Complex machines are made up of a simple machine combination. A bicycle, vending machine, and typewriter are great examples of complex machines. ...
A complex machine is a machine that uses energy to perform some activity. A jumbo jet would be an example of a complex machine. A computer would be an example ...
A complex machine is any machine made up of two or added simple machines. A simple machine is an elementary machine for making work easier. They modify or transmit ...
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