How to Cut Curly Hair?


As someone with extremely curly hair, I recommend with a razor and finding a straight haired wig as a replacement. If you're not into the bald look, call local salons and ask specifically for someone who is accustomed to cutting curly hair. Otherwise
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How to cut curly hair is a skill your stylist should know before you sit in the chair. Take advantage of a consultation with the stylist before committing to a cut. Most salons offer
1. Section the hair into four different parts (two in the front and two in the back) To do this, separate the hair from front to back in the middle as well as side to side in the
1 Wash the hair. Make sure you wash the hair thoroughly especially at the roots. Make sure you wash all of the soap out as well. Ad 2 Don't blow dry the hair. You will simply dry
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Curly hairstyles can look good on just about anyone. You have to decide what length of hair you will want for your curly hair cut. When deciding, you will want ...
To cut curly hair, focus on removing bulk and lessen frizz. Cut curly hair when it is dry, not wet, beginning with the sides and back of the hair. Cut hair on ...
Many hairstylists cut curly hair by first wetting the hair thoroughly. Once the curly hair is wet, it will become straight and more manageable to cut. ...
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