How types of fancy goldfish are there?


the common breeds of goldfish are common, shubunkin, fantail, black moore, orlanda, sarsha comet, comet, ryukin, bubble eye, lion head, rancho, veiltail, celestial, pom pom, and perlscale are the most common.
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Images of different types of fancy goldfish
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1. Photograph the goldfish that needs identifying. Use a digital or standard film camera. Take many photos in order to get one clear photo showing the fish in profile with the tail
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There are 13 kinds: cheddar, colors, original, pretzel,
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There are several different types of goldfish that would make great pets. The black moor, the bubble eye, tosakin, and the veiltail. The tosakin is more readily ...
The best way to identify different types of goldfish are by their body type, shape, size and color variations. There are many types of goldfish but fall under ...
Video Transcript. Hi my name is Chris from Aquatic Central here in San Francisco, and on the web at aquatic-central.com, and I'd like to tell you how to identify ...
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