Where does Heat Energy Come from?


It comes from your heater. OK, that's probably not what you're looking for. Heat actually isn't a form of energy but describes a transfer of energy from one thing to another. There is a thing we call thermal energy and that is related to an objects
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The sun is a part of our solar system. Thus, it is a natural source of heat energy. Sunlight is important for the existence of all living organisms on the planet. This form of heat
They both can change temperature.
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Heat energy is a form of energy that results from movement of atoms, ions or molecules in solids liquids or gases. It can be transferred from one object to another ...
Heat can be basically describes as hotness. Heat can be converted to energy when it's temperature rises, or can be any kind of energy made by a change in temperature ...
Heat is the energy that is transferred from one place in a body or beyond the boundary of one system to another. It is caused by thermal contact even at different ...
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