What is Ice Wedging?


The term, ice wedging, refers to the process that breaks rocks down with water, as it expands and freezes in the cracks and pores of the rocks.
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According to the Scarborough School Department, as water freezes into ice, it expands by 9 to 10 percent. This process is called ice wedging, and this expansion is what causes weathering
When water freezes, it expands. This can cause rocks to crack or break, then the water thaws to create a visible gap in the rock. This is ice wedging.
ice wedging: a type of mechanical weathering in which rocks are broken by the expansion of water
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Ice wedging will cause rocks to weather. When ice water forms, it is know to expand by about 10%. This is what will cause the weathering of the rocks and erosion ...
Ice wedging is the separation of any two items due to the pressure of freezing water. It is very common on Minnesota roads, for example. Water goes down into cracks ...
Ice wedging is defined as mechanical weathering by which rock are, over time, broken by the expansion of water that freezes in a rock's joints, pores, ...
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