What is An Indentured Servant?


An indentured servant is someone who comes under contract with another person to whom they owe a debt. It is usually three to seven years. The servant works off the debt and is provided the very basics of food, shelter and transportation while doing
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Female indentured servants performed household duties. Domestic responsibilities included sewing clothes for the masters or other embroidery tasks, such as fixing tears in drapes,
An indentured servant is one whose service is formally contracted by an indenture, or bipartite written deed. Frequently these were valuable training contracts, for which the father
During colonial times in America, there were two kinds of indentured servants: voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary servants were people, often trained in a craft or skill, who could
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An indentured servant is an individual whose service is formally contracted by an indenture, or bipartite written deed. He or she is contracted in exchange for ...
Indentured servents were used when immigration was a big issue in the New World. The New World, also known as the U.S. used immigrants as servants. The servants ...
The difference between indentured servants and slaves is that indentured servants were guaranteed to eventually be released. Indentured servants worked in exchanged ...
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