What is a Smooth Muscle?


A smooth muscle cell is non-striated and is found within the layers of large and small arteries and veins, the bladder and reproductive tracts, as well as the respiratory tract and intestines.
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Smooth muscle is muscle that cannot be voluntarily controlled. One place it is found is in the digestive tract, performing peristalsis-- moving food along the digestive tract. Smooth
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A smooth muscle can either be single or multiple. The smooth muscle is responsible for hollow organs such as blood vessels. It makes the muscle contract and pushes ...
Smooth muscle is an involuntary muscle that is found in the walls of hollow organs such as the intestines and stomach. It is characterised by the lack of visible ...
Cardiac muscle is one of the the three types of muscle. The other types of muscle are smooth muscle and skeletal muscle. Unlike either of those types, cardiac ...
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