What is a liquid solid and a gas?


A liquid is a drink.A solid is a rock or something hard.A gas is something you can not see all the time because it could be gas for your car or just burning gasses that disolve into thin air to were you can only see white just like fog but its not.
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1. Draw a vertical line at the left-most edge of the paper from the bottom of the paper up to the top with a straight edge ruler. Label this line "Pressure" and draw an
It entirely depends on the temperature and pressure. The term 'true form' is totally meaningless when talking about materials such as water and other chemicals. Water can be all three
A gas is neither solid or liquid. Gas is another state of matter. Gasoline is a
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Mercury can be both a solid, liquid or gas. At room temperature, mercury is a liquid. Mercury is like water and can become both a solid and a vapor or gas at certain ...
H20, is a perfect example of something that is a solid, a liquid, and a gas. When it is water it is a liquid. When it is steam it is a gas. As ice, it becomes ...
There are 3 major states of matter. These include solid, liquid and gas. Some everyday examples of each are given below-1. Solid- rocks, scissors, a laptop, a ...
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