What Are the Treatments for Plantar Calluses?


A plantar callus can be caused by a couple of things. If one metatarsal bone on the foot is lower or longer than the others, it will make contact with the ground first and with more force than usual. Another cause is high heels and tight shoes that
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A plantar callus, a callus that occurs on the sole of the foot, has a white center.
Probably not but warts are contagious and doing this could cause them to spread. Clean and disinfect the callous scraper before using it again, the virus can live even on it. If possible
Actually, if your plantar callus has tiny black seeds in it, then it is actually a wart. As you might guess, this type of wart is also called a "seed wart". The tiny black
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Planter wart which can also be spelled as plantar wart is a type of wart that develops on a foot's sole. A wart is a hyperplastic epidermal lesion that has a horny ...
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