Plural of Business?


Plural words are words that describe more than one thing. There are several different rules in making a word into a plural word. Some words can be made plural by just adding an 's' to the end of them. Other words need to have an 'es' added to the end. There are also plural words that need to have a ' put at the end to denote possession and most of these word already have an 's' at the end of them. For example, the word business can be made plural by adding an es at the end to become businesses.
Q&A Related to "Plural of Business?"
The plural form of the noun business is. businesses.
The plural version of business is businesses.
Almost all words ending in s or ss must add es as adding s alone doesn't change the sound. Words ending in is change the i to e: crisis > crises, thesis > theses.
Yes, businesses is a perfectly acceptable plural for the countable noun business . During the Great Depression, many businesses went out of business . .
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The correct of the plural of business is businesses. There are various rules that are observed in the English language when you want to form the plural of a word ...
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