Plural of Business?


Plural words are words that describe more than one thing. There are several different rules in making a word into a plural word. Some words can be made plural by just adding an 's' to the end of them. Other words need to have an 'es' added to the end. There are also plural words that need to have a ' put at the end to denote possession and most of these word already have an 's' at the end of them. For example, the word business can be made plural by adding an es at the end to become businesses.
Q&A Related to "Plural of Business?"
It would be businesses' but English speakers would usually avoid the term and redraft the sentence. You could try "of businesses"
The plural version of business is businesses.
Try this: 13 years ago I started a business to meet the marketing needs of small and mid-sized companies. My business takes care of marketing and increasing profits so clients can
Hi its plural is businesses.
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