What is Pluto Nickname?


Pluto is sometimes called Hades, Minerva, and Cronus, which were all in the running to be its official title when it was up for debate in the 1930s. Pluto was declassified to "dwarf" planet as of 2006. For more information, look here:
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=== it is called the small planet === === the dwarf plannet ===
Pluto's nickname is the small planet. In Roman mythology, Pluto (Greek: Hades) is the god
Some people refer to these three collectively as the trans-Saturnian planets.
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Pluto is termed in the remembrance of Hades , Greek God of the Underworld. Pluto has the nick name as 134340 Pluto. This is the second largest Dwarf Planet in ...
The planet Pluto is nicknamed Xena, a name derived from the title of the princess of syndicated TV fame. However, in strict astronomical fields, the astronomer's ...
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