How to Become a Volunteer Firefighter?


To become a volunteer firefighter you can apply to your local fire department. You usually must be at least 18 years old and in very good physical health. You must be able to carry heavy weights and stand high heat temperatures. Firefighting is such
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1. Contact your local fire department. Inquire about their need for volunteers and ask how you can go about joining the program. 2. Talk to other volunteer firefighters. Before you
1 Locate the County office of the Fire Department. Check the phone book if you don't already know where they are and try giving them a call or writing a letter (people are not always
Some people will do it to get the training and experience they need to further the volunteering to a career with a paid department. Some people also just want to help out in their
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You will need to enroll as a volunteer fire fighter. When you become a volunteer they will teach you how to become a fire fighter. If you do a good job volunteering ...
Volunteer firefighter lights are used to identify those volunteering as firefighters and are fixed on the vehicle to help them reach the scene in time through ...
The requirements needed to become a volunteer firefighter will vary with each department. Each station will require a completed application, background check, ...
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