What poems are suitable for saying goodbye to students?


The poems that teachers give at the end of the school year do not necessarily have to say goodbye. The poems should be a way for the kids to know that this particular teacher has done all she can and now it is time for that child to move onto someone else. 'A Teacher's Prayer' by Harold H. LeCrone expresses this sentiment. A poem that actually says goodbye is 'Great Expectations' which uses a flower to symbolize the child.
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1. Create a personalized card for each student. Write one letter template to be used for all students, but include a personal touch. For example, write, "I've enjoyed our time
1 Prepare ahead. When a date is established, be sure you know in advance just when the student is leaving. Think to yourself, "I'm not saying goodbye. I'm saying, 'See ya later
remember about all the great times you've had, how you're going to miss them, and then about how you hope to see them soon.
With such love, tender and care. I miss the coolness of the ice,
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