What are Compound Words?


A compound word is one word that is made up of two simple words. For example, somebody, everyone, and somewhere are all compound words. Also, firefighter, mailbox, and newspaper are compound words.
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1. Write a list of words that are compounds on the white or black board. Examples include dragonfly, birthday, gumdrop, guidebook, sunshine, outrun, doorknob, doorman, stepson, applesauce
A compound poem is a poem that has two or more predicate.
A. compound. word is made when two. words. are joined to form a new word. Examples: news stand. paper clip. sand paper. A compound word is a word consisting of two other words.
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Compound Words are words formed by joining two or more existing words. The term is defined as words, adjectives and nouns, combined into compound structures in ...
Compound words are two words that come together to make one word. In many instances it is also a different definition. Some compound words are everything, backward ...
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